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Frederiksdal, Rancio

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Bonkers way to make lovely wine.You get a Pedro Ximenez choco/raisin vibe with orange peel & figs, and of course sour cherry. After fermentation, the wine is decanted into demi-johns and placed outdoors for at least 2 years so that sun, rain and cold give the wine a very distinct taste profile. The wine is then matured in cognac barrels for a further 1 1⁄2 years.

Exceptional, full-bodied and complex taste experience


Fruit: Stevns cherry

Place: Lolland, Denmark

ABV: 15%



Frederiksdal are the first and so far the only producer of wine made by cherries following the centuries old principles for making traditional wine from grapes. The Stevns cherry is the base of the wine and the berries are produced solely in the plantations of Frederiksdal. The wine will ferment freely and is kept both outside in glass vats/balloons in all kinds of weather and also inside in old, French oak vats. Frederiksdal Estate in Southern Denmark is where all their wines are produced.  The history of Frederiksdal Estate dates back to 1756. The cherry adventure started in 2006 almost by accident. From here on, the story developed fast and so did an ambition to produce the best cherry wine in the world, never compromising on the quality of the raw materials. 

Frederiksdal, Rancio



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