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Æblerov, Vin de Table Red

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Macerated Danish grapes in wild apple cider. The grapes are then pressed the grapes and added that back into the base again. Containing mostly grapes, we call this Vin de Table! But you don’t need a table, just a glass and a smile on your face! Enjoy chilled. 


Grapes: Danish red grapes

Place: Svinninge, Denmark

Colour: Wine/Cider

ABV: 8.6%

Vintage: 2020



Aeblerov work with the country's most talented eco-growers and transform fruits and berries into crisp ciders, second-generation fruit wines and drinkable mash-ups that blur the boundaries between cider, beer and wine.

It all started in 2011 in a small garage on Limfjordsvej in Vanløse. Here, the current owner Morten Sylvest-Noer and now former partner Christopher Melin monitored the newly purchased 30-liter plastic buckets with fermenting apple juice, which were bubbling among rusty lawn mowers, a discarded pram and a litter of dried paint buckets. The starting capital was modest, the fruit grinder and press were cranked and production was limited to 50 litres.

Now, producing 85,000 litres a year, and one of Denmark's biggest ciders, they do not always know what to call their wild products but they are happy in the knowledge that they make 'real cider'.

Æblerov, Vin de Table Red



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