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Zoom Alex della Vecchia, Grinton Rosato Movest

Alex della Vecchia, Grinton Rosato Movest

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A beautiful shade of peach in the glass, this is bone dry and offers plenty of refreshment and has a tonic-like quality with notes of pink grapefruit and bitter herbs.



Grapes: Cabernet Franc

Place: Veneto, Italy

ABV: 12.5%

Colour: Sparkling White

Vintage: 2020




Farming vineyards in the shadows of the Dolomites, Alessandro della Vecchia is proving himself to be a prodigious talent.

In 2010 he planted one and a half hectares of Pinot Nero on his family’s farm in Belluno, right at the foot of the Dolomites. This dramatic vineyard surrounded by mountains is planted over alluvial marl some six hundred metres above sea level, near the banks of the River Piave. His family live in an old Monastery which dates back to the 16th Century, keeping donkeys, goats and cows alongside the vines. The wines from this site are named Pedecastello, after the road that winds amongst the mountains.

Ombretta is Venetian slang for a little glass of wine, a nod to the timeless tradition of enjoying a drink with friends. In the cantina, Alex’s simple, yet considered approach produces pure, nourishing wines with a luminous quality that reflects their Alpine origins.


Alex della Vecchia, Grinton Rosato Movest



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