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Zoom Avis de Tempête,  No.10 Riesling

Avis de Tempête, No.10 Riesling

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A one off of a skin contact Riesling that shows a side to the grape you don't find everyday, rareer than a shiny Charizard. It tates of dried citrus peel, stone fruit and is fresh as hell. 


Grapes: Riesling

Place: Jura, France

ABV: 13.5%

Colour: Orange

Vintage: 2019



Raphaël Monnier’s wines are some of the most iconic of the region. His interest in winemaking began some 20 years ago, first by working on a few small negociant projects with good friend Jean Baptiste Menigoz of Domaine Bottes Rouges. It was later in 2009 that he started Domaine Ratapoil while still a full-time history teacher, a career he has recently given up to put all his efforts into winemaking. 

Jura is known for its tranquility and beauty, but north of Arbois towards the neighbouring region of Doubs where the Ratapoil cellar is located is on another level. The drive from Arbois winds through forest and field before arriving at the Monnier family home. The cellar, built into the side of the house, is barely large enough to contain the handful of barrels and tanks needed for each year’s harvest so frequent cellar-tetris and careful planning is essential. 


Avis de Tempête, No.10 Riesling



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