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Nibiru, Grundstein Rosé

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Deliciously dry rosé that's berry fruits with a tasty mineral edge.


Grapes: 60% Zweigelt & 40% Blauer Portugieser

Place: Kamptal, Austria

ABV: 12%

Colour: Rosé

Vintage: 2020




Josef Schenter and Julia Nather present their collaborative wines under the name NIBIRU. They show the beginning of their cooperative work with their vintage from 2015. 


NIBIRU is according to sumerian writing the name of a planet that wonders trough our solar system only every 3.600 years. It is the only planet that wonders the other way around the sun opposing to the rest of our planets. It is a name that appealed to them right away, because it reflects their philosophy and the style of their wines. 


One principle of Josef and Julia is honesty. All their wines are treated with spontaneous fermentation, without finings nor supplements. Also the usage of sulphur is reduced to the minimum. The wines are mostly binned in old oak barrels until they are bottled unfiltered and sealed with a natural cork. 


The wines are developed and stored in the parental winery of Josef in the north of Kamptal. Josef and Julia cultivate their vineyards organic. Many vines they work with are very old but add a lot of liveliness and structure to the taste. This specialty can also be felt with light and classically grown wines. The work in the old vines is usually more challenging than growing new vineyards because they are time consuming but in the end worth the effort.  Nevertheless both Julia and Josef enjoy working with the old  


Nibiru, Grundstein Rosé



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