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About us

Kerb is a neighbourhood hangout and wine store in Ancoats, Manchester, with an online delivery service.

We are committed to showcasing the purest, most authentic use of the grape in a way that can be enjoyed and understood by everyone. You’re consuming a place, as much as you are a story, from soil to the glass. 

Drinking natural wine means supporting smaller producers, who have an intimate relationship with their soil, their fruit and their region. It's about farming with minimal intervention.

Our wine is sourced from selected importers and will vary by seasonality and availability, so there will always be something new to try.

Our focus is on wines that can be paired with you; whether on a date, party in the park, after a long day of work, as a gift for a Natty-Newbie or just because you want a glass of wine.


To sum it up it's...

The freedom of the grape, the passion of the farmers, the experience of the drinker and connection between all three.


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