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Costadilà, 330 Slm

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A new one from Costadilà in Italy. A proper citrus, bubble bomb - with amazing peach, apple and pear.

Born in Italy, celebrated in Manchester. A perfect party wine.  

Give this one a swirl before opening, contains gorgeous sediment.

Grapes: Glera
Place: Veneto, Italy
ABV: 13.0%
Colour: White Sparkling
Vintage: 2020


Ernesto began to collect small parcels of vines realising their potential and wanting to preserve and promote the area’s agricultural tradition. Not only is Ernesto’s cause worthy but it also produces wines of exceptional purity, depth and drinkability. The wines are made by parcel and labelled according to the altitude. Ernesto will sometimes do a short skin maceration depending on the parcel and quality of the vintage and after the first fermentation the wines are bottled with the addition of sweet must from the same vintage to start the second fermentation. They are not disgorged and the resulting deposits give the wines a hazy glow.

Costadilà, 330 Slm



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