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A chat with our owners, David and Philip

After a year of KERB, we wanted to chat with David and Philip, our owners, to get their thoughts on the first year of business, and what the future holds for them and KERB. See our conversation below!

1 year of KERB, how does it feel?

We can’t believe that it has been a year. It has been amazing, we have a really creative community of natural wine drinkers around us. We have been blown away with how people have responded to the space and design, and we are so psyched with all of the creative events we have been able to do. 

What was the original inspiration for KERB? Was a natural wine bar like this always on your minds?

The original inspiration was wanting to create a casual hang-out space that did things a bit differently. Almost the exact opposite of what you might think a wine bar might look like. We were really into the natural wine scene and wanted to reflect its freshness, freedom and its originality. 

The scene is full of passionate people, the love and care that goes into all the wines we stock blows us away.

So many people who get into natural wine tell us it is like discovering a new drink. We wanted to do something that reflected this - do something a bit different and exciting - it’s why we wanted to work with Youth studio and Studio eNaR on the interior and branding. 

How has the year gone in your guys' minds? Has your vision come to life exactly as pictured?

No, it has turned out a bit differently to be honest, and that is the best thing, we try not to have too many preconceived ideas about what the business becomes, because once you open the doors you can guarantee that the business will have a life of its own, and you kind of have to run with it and embrace it. 

Natural wine tends to attract a younger, more experimental crowd, which is why we have embraced so many creative events. It's been a privilege to meet so many brilliantly talented people in the city that used our space in such creative ways during their own exhibitions. We could never have planned for something like this when we opened. We are approached weekly by creatives wanting to exhibit or create a pop-up in the bar, which makes us both proud and excited.

The culture at KERB is so great, so many different types of people gather in the bar, was that always something you wanted? 

Yes definitely, it's something we are passionate about. We wanted to create an inclusive place to hang in, have a glass and maybe go onto something else later in the evening. Or finish a meal and stop by for a final glass of wine. We never wanted it to be stuffy, our team is laser focused on connecting with our customers. What's the bottle for, what’s the event, where are you heading later? They are the things we want to know.

We have really knowledgeable staff that can help you find the right bottle. We are there for you if you need us for sure, but if you're just chilling, having fun and want a bottle of Pet Nat with your mates that’s cool too. 

We have a really great set of customers, and the community is growing all the time. They are what has made the first year so special. I don’t think we could have hoped for a more amazing set of people. We love them. We are constantly blown away with the conversations and connections that happen at KERB.


Vin de LaGamba, Frauen Power Vol. 3
Light and refreshing, full of brambly fruit and gentle tannin. A Germanic Lambrusco, if you will.

The events and exhibitions feel like such a big part of KERB at the moment, do you want to keep the momentum going?

Definitely, it goes hand in hand with everything we want to do. Our customers tend to be more creative and experimental, so the events keep on coming to us. We tend to want to say yes to as much as possible. It’s about creating a vibe and space that’s full of ideas, energy and of course blockbusting natural wine. 

What do you hope to see from KERB in its second year of business and the future after that? 

More of the same really - more collabs, more art, more fashion, we are not going to plan too much, just keep growing the community of Natural Wine drinkers in the city and having fun at the same time. We are only at the start of what the scene is going to become, we are excited for the future, whatever it looks like.

For future events, stick to our events page on our website. For all your natural wine needs, check out our selection of white, red, orange, sparkling and rose wines!


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