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Fiona’s Polish Wine Experience

Day One: Hople and Winery Niemcza

On day one, Fiona landed in Niemcza, a historic town in South-Western Poland, and without wasting any time, headed straight to the first winery: Hople.

Hople is run by an interesting fellow who houses a classic car collection on the same site as the winery, which is inside a beautifully converted cow shed. He showed Fiona his passion for classic cars just as much as he showed her the winery, impressive stuff! But Fiona was here for wine, and that she got. Hople grow many different types of grapes, most notably cabernet sauvignon, which is quite unique for this part of the world. She tried the lovely wine on offer, and was treated to some Polish cheese too.

After enjoying some cheese and wine, it was on to the next stop, Winery Niemcza, which was also where Fiona laid her head for the evening. This winery acts as a hotel, where the owner sells his own wine to guests, clever. Here, Fiona tried all kinds of wine stored in many tanks, and there was even a lovely cider on offer here.

Day Two: Silesian, L’Opera and Adoria

The first destination on day two was Silesian, Fiona’s favourite winery of the trip (don’t tell the others that), and luckily for you, we actually stock their wine on our site! This winery is based on a huge horse farm, with a small area of the land dedicated to making wine with a vineyard and winery onsite. Run by the farmer’s daughter and her husband, this family ran winery grows many types of grapes including Regent, Rondol and Solaris. Fiona mentioned the unique vineyard here, which has thin topsoil with granite high very to the surface, quite unusual. After enjoying more lovely wine and some Polish perogis for lunch, it was time to leave this winery and on to the next.

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The next winery was L’Opera, which was quite different from the rest on the tour. L’Opera is run by someone who does not make wine full time and actually does it on the side after working a regular 9-5. Much different from the previous, much larger setups, this winery was run in a garage in a car park, small and out the way, but still making wine, quite an inspiring destination.

The final stop on the tour was Adoria, such a lovely place and one of the oldest wineries in Poland, which actually isn’t that old! Adoria is run by an American man, married to a Polish lady. With their winery located just next to their dreamy family home, this place had really good vibes. The winemakers here produce more classical, traditional wine, using their wealth of experience to produce some expert bottles. Fiona had a lovely end to the trip here, lovely wine, dogs and bread sticks!

Overall, Fiona’s whistle-stop tour of Poland allowed her to get to know some Polish winemakers deeper, learning about their passions and trying all of their wine- we’re not jealous at all!

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