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Tell us about your practise - how it started and how it has developed to now

I have been excited about anything creative and art related since at a young age, painting just so happens to be one the most accessible methods of recording my ideas. It is only recently that I discovered people enjoy looking at my work and I am very keen to share my ideas, therefore I am trying to make myself known now more than ever, so more people can also enjoy the creative experience.

This is your first solo show; how would you describe your exhibition?

This is the first time I have been given the opportunity to take over a space, where people can come and experience the world the way I experience it. With the mini models and artworks that will feature in the show, it will become apparent that I am painting as well as training to become an architect during this period of my life.

What is the most important element you find when it comes to inhabiting a new space?

It is in my personality to express and communicate idea as honest as possible, so I can respond to and amplify the space while staying true to its inherent qualities. This is apparent in my taste in artworks and architectural designs. Hence I have decided to keep the wine on its shelves and spaces for seating for this particular exhibition. It is less formal compared to a white wall gallery and the wine bar setting creates an opportunity for people who do not normally go to art galleries to enjoy art, in a way it is making art more accessible, which is a lot of creative people in Manchester are trying to do at this moment.

What does being a painter look like in Manchester right now?

Having only recently made my work more accessible to the public, particularly in Manchester, I have found that people are genuinely putting in the effort selflessly to make art more accessible in the city. New independent creative events are appearing more often in this city apparently, and as long as people enjoy your work, it is easy to make yourself known. You can hardly make any profit by selling artworks in Manchester because people who enjoy art here are mostly young adults, or maybe it’s just my circle.

What do you envision the next year to look like for your art career?

When I envision what my art career would become in the next year, I am looking at being more collaborative with other artists and creative people, to find myself bigger and more exciting opportunities to experience.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Because of my many hobbies, it is hard for me to pinpoint where I look for inspiration. I am able to relate my ideas on a multi-media/medium level. However I am very careful at selecting ideas, as I have a very strong fondness for things that are playful while being true and honest at the same time.

Are you trying to prove a point or convey a message through your work?

I am still in the process of finding my voice and searching for a meaningful battle that I want to commit myself to. I have been gifted with a curious mind hence I am always on the track to search for that ultimate goal. Meanwhile, my work is just nothing but a playful act and an exercise to develop my personality.


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