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Why is now the time to make your work physical again?

Time and space are the key points of interest for me when making design work physical. After being handcuffed to a desk for 2+ years and not seeing my work off-screen, I have been anticipating the right time to bring tangible material back to life.

In terms of space, KERB to me is the ideal venue to host a debut solo show. Between it having one of the best drinks selections in the North-West, the interior, intimate sizing, and it’s location in Ancoats, Central Manchester, it’s the perfect foundation for an exhibition.

What are some of the challenges you face being a young designer based in the North-West?

Being a young designer in the North-West is tough, there’s no sugar-coating it. I’ve never been based anywhere else and don’t want to be so I’ve had to learn a lot.

Opportunities are scarce, it’s riddled with nepotism because of that, and you’re not going anywhere off your own back if you’re not willing to put more graft in than the next man or woman because someone else is always going to. You need to develop constantly, put in overtime like there’s two of you, find your own lane through differentiation and leave your ego at the door everywhere you go. Your rig outs and followers mean nothing – we see straight through all that up here.

Where do you look if you are struggling for inspiration?

Music, my environment, books, myself and the internet – that’s all I’ve ever leaned on. More importantly, steering clear of trends and social media as much as possible to avoid amplifying the struggle and external influence is more vital in my opinion.

What is the dream project for you?

To be honest, within the next 5 years I’d love to exhibit internationally at a large scale in a public, family friendly space with free entry so anyone can come and experience my work in all forms. On the other more commercial hand, I also want to dedicate a full year of my practice to creating for one of my favourite brands or music artists at one point with no distractions - just to see how much of an impact I can make in that sort of space too.

Who do you love working with?

At 24 years of age, I’m blessed to already have the network I do around me, I say this all the time and it means the world to me, however, I operate best through trust, creative freedom and energy – when I mention these variables the one person comes to mind right now is Antione, the owner of RGB over in Atlanta.

I thought I knew what work rate was until I met him for the first-time last year.

Cutting corners is never an option, he understands the first idea is rarely the best, strives for the highest standards in all areas and allows the time and space for it all which has made him one of the most refreshing individuals to work with for me personally.

How do you respond to inhabiting a new space?

You don’t get that feeling of stepping into a new space again once you’ve done it, so noting the initial effects is always where I start. Typically, from here I like to spend time dissecting the room and ask myself questions. How can I personalize the experience I just had? Where are the main focal points? What is the flow of the room? Where are the hot spots? What music do I want to hear? and what do I want to achieve with my work in conjunction with the environment?


Exhibition launch at KERB 28.05.22 


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