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Txakoli Party at KERB

On the 29th July, KERB welcomed our friend Jack from Modest Merchant for a Txakoli party. We were pouring wine from great heights all night which led to a messy but fun evening. 

Celebrating Basque culture

Pouring wine from great heights is a celebration of Basque culture; wines are poured from up high in order to aerate the juice, meaning it keeps the tiny bubbles intact and the wine remains carbonated. This kind of pouring is usually done with Txakoli, a slightly sparkling, dry white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content, produced in the Spanish Basque Country. 

San Sebastián is the place to go for this, this tradition is seen all over this area, consider yourself lucky if you ever get to visit this beautiful place. 

Embracing the technique with our natural wine

Jack along with our staff spent the night on top of our worktop pouring wines into glasses, and in some cases, customers’ open mouths (at their request). This led to a communal evening, encouraging strangers to talk and laugh together as wine is flowing in more than one way. 

Of course this kind of fun can get messy, thankfully we had plenty of blue roll to hand. If you are going to try this at home, follow the Spaniards’ lead and keep the contents to something that is dry, low alcohol and high in acid, pouring this type of wine this way will maximise the potential for refreshment. And, maybe avoid using red wine for this, unless you really revel in chaos. 

For all your natural wine delivery needs, see our catalogue of natural wines here! To keep an eye out for more fun events like this one we spent with Jack, stick to our events page and our Instagram for announcements!


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