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Polish Natural Wine Party

This Thursday 10th November, KERB are hosting a casual wine tastings, the theme for this week is Polish!

What’s on offer?

First up, we have Silesian, Piesecco. A lovely fizzy wine, with flavours of strawberry, cherry, redcurrant and orange. The grapes used in this wine are Rondo, Regent, Cabernet Cortis and it’s made by winemaker Jarosław Mazurek and his daughters in Dolny Śląsk, Poland.

We also have Silesian, Dziki Taboon by the same producer. This one has mandarin, tea, peach and nectarines. A really easy dry orange wine. Grapes used here are Souvignier Gris, Seyval Blanc, Hibernal.

Another one by these guys, we love them, we have Silesian, Solaris Botrytis, strong floral vibes, balancing acidity and sweetness, this one is very morish. Using Solaris grapes.

Our final wine by this producer is Silesian, Rosé, using Rondo, Regend grapes, it smells like wild strawberries, tastes of cherry, watermelon, ripe orange and strawberry yoghurt.

Next we have Mickewicz, Johanniter, full of pear, melon, tangerine and peach, this is a fruity one! Using Johanniter grapes, this wine comes from the family run natural winery, all harvesting done by hand! This wine comes from Lublin Voivodeship in Poland.

Our last wine, by another winemaker, is Dom Bliskowice, Monday Lisa. A fruity and elegant wine, with plenty of blackberries and black cherries. Grapes used here are Regent, Rondo. The producer, Dom Bliskowice, is based in Vistula River, Poland, his mantra is quality over quantity, producing limited amounts of wine using carefully selected fruit.

Natural Wine tastings for everyone

Our wine tastings are free and casual, if you are interested, head to KERB this Thursday the 10th, where you can enjoy the wine and learn a little more about the Polish natural wine scene. We’ll be joined by sommelier Adam Michocki who will provide the knowledge alongside our staff.

As always, stick to our events page for more upcoming events and tastings, as well as our site for all your natural wine delivery needs.


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