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KERB’s Christmas Wine Pairings

Christmas is coming, which means one thing, you’re going to need something to drink. But why not take it a step further and pair your wine with the occasion? We’ve put together a list of wines that we think will suit certain moments best, so you can do your Christmas drinking right. 

Christmas Eve, the final hurdle before the big day, a day to prep, wrap and drink! 

We think any celebration deserves some bubbles, the lovely Chateau Le Roc, Ambulle Pet Nat is a great way to kick things off. This Sparkling Rose is a fruity, easy going that should go down a treat at the start of the night, or day, whenever you start your drinking. 

If you’re heading out, why not grab a can of Jordi Llorens, Ancestral Blanc to drink on the way to the pub. This handy can has two glasses worth of wine in and tastes great!


Finally, it’s time. Same as yesterday, it begins with bubbles. La Biancara, Garg`N`Go Pet Nat is a snappy, crisp sparkling wine, ideal for washing breakfast down with!

Whilst cooking, we recommend a glass of Valdibella, Sulle Bucce, an aromatic, warm and balanced orange will keep you merry during the task of getting dinner ready.

Now, dinner time. You need something to compliment the food without distracting away from the delicious feast you just put your blood, sweat and tears into perfecting. We think a bottle of Silesian, Rondo Vous, the light-bodied, moreish red will do the job nicely. 

Something sweet to follow dinner, a glass or two of Silesian, Solaris Botrytis will serve as a refreshing follow-up to dinner. This super-light wine has hints of honey and orange.

And finally, you need a nightcap, because it’s Christmas. Frederiksdal, Nielstrupmark is a warming, sweet, dark cherry wine, it’ll set the tone for a cosy end to the day and bring Christmas to a delicious close. 


Yes, we have more for you, Christmas doesn’t end on the 25th. One last wine for you, we think sharing a bottle of Vin de LaGamba, Frauen Power Vol. 3 will bring you back to life. Enjoy your leftovers with this refreshing, juicy sparkling red. 

We hope you can have a wonderful Christmas time, hopefully our wines will make it even better! Our bar is open and warm if you fancy a glass or two with us, if not, stick to our site for natural wine delivery, and check out our Christmas gift guide too.


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