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KERB’s Christmas Gift Guide

To celebrate the holiday season, we have launched the KERB Christmas page on our website! Here you can find all our Christmas goodies available to order for delivery, or you can come in and buy them from us in the bar. We think these could make someone very happy this Christmas, so let us tell you what we have on offer.

We have a selection of wine bundles available for purchase, ranging from a selection of white wines, to mixed bundles. We have:

Three of our favourite white wines of the year. The three wines included are:

Intellego, Story of Harry — a super dry wine, with high acidity, loads of lemon, peach, a little salt and honey vibes.

Clos Saint-Michel, Cotes Du Rhone Blanc 'Enfant des Vigneron' — a perfect starting point for natural whites. A balanced, easy going, fresh, fruity and aromatic.

Aphros Loureiro, Vinho Verde Branco — natural Vinho Verde full of citrus, with lemon and tangerine acidity backed up by delicate floral notes and minerality.


Three reds perfect for the holiday season. We have:

Simon Busser, À Bras Le Cot — a crowd pleaser, a full bodied Malbec with a touch of minerality.

Dom Bliskowice, Monday Lisa — fruity and elegant, this complex wines has blackberries, cherries, rosemary and a touch of moss.

Demeure, Boutonniere — an easy to drink wine, a light bodied wine with cherry and red berries.


Three lovely orange wines that we have loved during the year, this bundle contains:

Vigneti Tardis, Fratelli Felix Campania Bianco — a fresh and tropical wine with lychee, peach and honeysuckle.

Orange Jumpin’ Juice— a juicy, zingy mandarin orange number with floral aromas. Great texture, juicy and fresh.

Matro Wines, Weiss Blend — an incredible mix of cloudy and lemony, spicey, and a little bitter. A must try for orange wine lovers.


It wouldn’t be KERB without a PET NAT BUNDLE, with three juicy Pet Nat’s to take you into the new year. The bundle includes:

Casa Belfi, Bianco Bio Frizzante — a light bodied, dry, hazy wine. A Natural Prosecco with citrus and yeast.

Château Le Roc, Roc Ambulle Pet Nat — fruity and delicious, a sparkling Pet Nat Rose with red fruits and lemon.

Camillo Donati, Lambrusco Rosso — a funky fizzy one that will change your view of Lambrusco forever! Perfect for parties, super dry with berry flavours.


We also have two mixed bundles available, THE NATURAL CHOICE and THE CROWD PLEASERS.

THE NATURAL CHOICE is perfect for natural wine lovers, containing:

Silesian, Dziki Taboon — mandarin, tea, peach and nectarines vibes. Easy drinking juice.

Demeure, Boutonniere — peppery cherry and light bodied, perfect for winding down after work.

Vin de LaGamba, Frauen Power Vol. 3 — a refreshing and light wine, full of brambly fruit and gentle tannin.


THE CROWD PLEASERS will be a great pick for anyone, even your nan will love these wines, they are:

Chateau Le Roc, Ambulle Pet Nat — fruity and delicious. Ripe red fruits meet lemon sherbet. Super fizzy, super easy to drink.

Clos Saint-Michel, Cotes Du Rhone Blanc 'Enfant des Vigneron — a lovely starting point for natural wine drinkers, a balanced wine that is fruity and aromatic.

Alfredo Maestro, El Marciano Garnacha — full bodied, rustic with red berries, super smooth with balanced acidity.


We also have some lovely, sweeter wines that are perfect for after dinner.

Frederiksdal, Sur Lie & Gift Tube — wash Christmas pudding down with this one, this cherry wine is so popular in our bar and it is now available by the bottle for you to enjoy this festive season. This wine is warming, full bodied and matured in oak, with sour cherry, vanilla and chocolate flavours.

Silesian, Solaris Botrytis — this one has strong floral notes, with honey, honeysuckle, orange marmalade, and almond. Greatly balanced acidity and residual sugar that greatly empowers the intensity of flavours,a morish sweet wine that will keep you coming back.

Frederiksdal, Nielstrupmark — a full-bodied and complex taste experience. Sweet, thick, sour cherry, vanilla, chocolate. The world’s first single-orchard cherry wine!

Alfredo Maestro, El Marciano Garnacha — a tribute to the martians Alfredo claims to have witnessed tending to his vines. It's full bodied, rustic, and out of this world!


We also have some combo gift packs available, ideal for filling some stockings with a selection of goodies.

First up we have the WINE+ SNACK + BOOK COMBO. Ideal for satisfying someone’s stomach and mind!

The wine here is Costadilà, 330 Slm, a citrus, bubble bomb with amazing peach, apple and pear. Alongside the wine is the Noble Rot #30 book, the best olives in the world, Perello Gordal Picante Olives, and Torres, Black Truffle Crisps.

Our other combo pack is our ORANGE PET NAT + NOBLE ROT COMBO.

The wine in this pack is Folias de Baco, Uvio Pet Nat Curtido, a tangy and tropical Pet Nat!


And to round off our selection of Christmas goodies, we have a selection of smaller items that would be great as small gifts or stocking fillers.

We have our iconic KERB Wine Glass, you know you wanted to take one home.

Our KERB Corkscrew, open your bottles in style with this simple yet elegant tool.

A KERB Cap, show off your love for KERB with our own branded cap!

Noble Rot #30 is available on its own, a fantastic book on the culture that surrounds natural wine, a must-read for any passionate natural wine drinker!

And finally, the KERB Gift Card! This amazing card can have up to £100 on it, allowing you to gift someone a great night in our bar.

We hope to see you in our bar during the festive period as we gear up for plenty of food and even more wine! As always, stick to our events page for more upcoming events and tastings, as well as our site for all your natural wine delivery needs.


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